Think you could benefit from some more personal attention? Why not try a 121 with me either online or in person outside?

Do you ever worry that you are getting things wrong in class? Or perhaps you are struggling with a particular issue which can't be catered for in a group class, for example you might be recovering from an injury? When you do a 121 with me the focus is 100% on you!


Before  our session I will be in touch to find out more about you and what you want to gain from it and then I formulate a plan just for you. Many people find that they make more progress in just one private class than they would in 10 group classes.


I normally recommend at least 3 or 5 private sessions as that gives us a chance to get to know each other better and offer discounts when you block book. Now that the weather has improved and restrictions have been lifted you can choose to have your session outside or online. If you opt for the latter you will get a recording of our session to refer back to.


Could your team at work benefit from Yoga classes to help them manage stress, unwind and feel more productive?

Online Yoga classes are a great way for your team to decompress after a busy day at work. Yoga is a proven way to manage stress, improve focus and can also improve your quality of sleep. 

Whatever your team would like to gain from Yoga, I'm can tailor the class to their needs. Fancy a Dynamic Vinyasa class to give you an energy boost before work? No problem. Or perhaps what's needed is something much more relaxing at the end of the working day. I am able to provide classes that are suitable for all levels  and always offer different options depending on my students' experience and ability.

"I really enjoy Indira's classes because her teaching style is open, encouraging, and non-judgemental. A huge part of what makes Indira's classes so enjoyable is that there’s a good mix between repetition and new elements that keep students on their toes and present new challenges. All these things make for an engaging yoga practice for everyone.


CLIO (practising 6 months)