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yin & yang

with Diana



Friday 4th January


We all need both Yin and Yang in or lives in order to feel balanced and operate at our best. Yang is associated with a more dynamic, masculine force and Yin is a more passive, female energy.  


We will begin with flowing sequences to warm up the body and boost vitality. Then we will bring our bodies to rest with a Yin practice, designed to help release and let go. Poses will be held for 5 minutes using props for support.


Get the best of both worlds and leave feeling both rested and energised, setting you up for the weekend ahead.

Level: All, including complete Beginners

The Sun Salutation Secrets: Surya Namaskar 

Sunday 11th November


Surya Namaskar is the most popular flow in Yoga and also an entire body workout that can be pratised at any time of the day. 


In a fast paced class students can become confused and misaligned. This workshop will provide clarity.

Koral, your teacher, will break down the traditional Ashtanga versions of Surya Namaskar A and B. Take home handouts will be provided.



Level: All including complete Beginners


peace and relaxation

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