Why once a week isn't enough

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

By Indira Das-Gupta

Hands up if you'd rather be watching Luther?

I get it, I get it, you’re busy. We’re all busy aren’t we? Rushing around, constantly wishing there were more hours in the day. So how on earth can you be expected to come to Yoga more than once a week? Don’t you already deserve at the very least a little pat on the back for making it to the studio once a week?

Well yes and no. Yes, taking that leap to sign up for your first Yoga class and then actually going is a big step in the right direction. If you currently do no exercise or maybe you are super stressed, then taking the time to come to class once a week can certainly help you to feel better. But then if it makes you feel so much better (let’s be honest, who feels worse after Yoga?) then imagine how much better you will feel if you double the number of times you practise Yoga each week - 100% better! That’s a pretty good incentive to try and organise your time so you can come more regularly.

Just think about it logically, if you come twice a week, you are bound to see more benefits, quicker. When you are trying hard but progress seems slow, that can be demoralising, so making a commitment to practising twice or more a week will enable you to see an improvement sooner. It’s like anything in life, you get out of it what you put in. We all know from past experience that if you don’t revise for an exam, you don’t do as well as if you do.

We all spend far too much time sitting down and online. If you sit all day at a desk in front of a computer screen and then go home and sit down some more to watch TV, then I’m sorry, but one hour of Yoga a week just isn’t going to cut it. We are all too easily seduced by the promise of quick fixes, but the truth is, there aren’t any. If you want to feel healthy then you need to put in the effort. That doesn’t mean you can’t ever have chocolate or a duvet day, but you do need to prioritise your health.

Of course Yoga isn’t all about the destination, it’s about the journey, and you can learn so much along the way. Cultivating the discipline so that you go to class twice a week or more, even if you are feeling particularly knackered one night, will help you make positive lifestyle choices in other areas of your life too. The more Yoga you do, the more connected you become to both body and mind and you will naturally find yourself wanting to take better care of yourself - after all you only get one of each for your entire lifetime.

I must stay awake, I must stay awake, zzzzzzzzzz

I bet you’re thinking, “Yeah, I know it’s good to do lots of Yoga but I just haven't got the time!” I totally understand your frustrations, I run my own business and have two primary school aged children. Sometimes being able to go to the bathroom without any interruptions can feel like a luxury. But if you really examine what you spend your time doing, are you sure you couldn’t carve out more time to feel better? How much time do you spend scrolling social media or watching TV? Maybe you tell yourself those things make you feel better or that it’s your “treat” after a hard day. But deep down you know that practising Yoga is going to make you feel better than binge watching a boxset.

There’s a saying: “You should meditate every day for half an hour, unless you are really busy, in which case you should meditate for an hour.” This pretty much sums things up. It’s precisely because you are so busy and stressed that you need to make time for yourself that will benefit your physical and mental health. You can’t pour from an empty cup. If you don’t look after yourself, you’ll get irritable, sick and maybe eventually suffer burnout. When we feel good, we do good and are simply more fun to be around.

Of course there will be weeks when you genuinely are sick and you need to just rest or you have work commitments that mean you simply can’t get away, or your babysitter falls through. And that’s fine, but if you are serious about improving your health then you need to make a commitment and stick to it most of the time. Signing up to a monthly membership with North London Yoga Studio will give you that added incentive to stick to your goals. So what are you waiting for?

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